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What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick

What I Thought Was True - Huntley Fitzpatrick

I did not quite like this book in the beginning however; as it got closer to the middle I couldn't stop myself from reading.


The book is about a girl named Gwen Castle who's dream is to escape the island she lives on. The sole purpose of this dream is because of a certain boy named Cassidy (Cass) Somers who she wants to forget more than ever. The story begins at the beginning of summer. Throughout the first few days of summer, she cant help running into Cass as he is everywhere on the island. She has a rule to avoid him at all costs but as the book plays out, Gwen finds that avoiding him would become the hardest accomplishment yet. The book outlines the various events Gwen goes through to avoid Cass meanwhile dealing with her cousin who's obsessing over being captain of the swim team. Although the book focuses on characters like Emory, Gwen, Nic, Vic, Cass and much more, the real story lies between Gwen and Cass. As the summer continues and Cass and Gwen open up to each other, they realize that what they thought was true, was really a lie. 


I loved this book mostly due to the little excuses Cass uses to see Gwen and the comedy of reading how much they want each other but they continue to portray mixed signals to one another. 


I didn't like how the author portrayed Gwen, especially in the past. I understand how Gwen's past morphed her into the girl she was in the present, but i just didn't connect with the character. I liked Cass a lot. He seems so humble, loyal and just down right hot! I thought Nic was an okay of a character. I understood where the dedication came from, but he started to really annoy me towards the end. I hated Viv at the end for what she did. She is a good best friend but my good opinion flew out the window when i read of what she did. However, out of all the characters, I really disliked Gwen's dad. I can't really say much more but if you read the book, you'll understand. My favourite character overall, would have to be Emory. He was just too cute and funny. I loved him


The writing, I would say was easy to understand but still held that mature scholarly tone. You could easily feel what the characters were going through, especially Gwen. I believe that this book was well written. 


Overall, this is a good contemporary book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes summer contemporary and a lot of drama.